1. Can the flag/whip mounts be used on the left and right side of the vehicle?
    *Answer – Yes, the bolts can be taken out so the two pieces can be flipped and bolted back together. This will allow the mounts to look the same on both sides of the vehicle.
  2. My Gem Car bolt holes do not line up exactly
    *Answer- Many Gem car parts were installed by hand and not by machine. Some screw holes do not match the exact holes that were drilled by hand at the factory. Todd’s Custom Billet has sampled many model years and units to get the average hole locations, however new holes may be needed.
  3. I see a list of compatible Gem car years on each item. Is it possible the parts will work on other model years?
    *Answer- There is a very good possibility. Very little body changes were done between 1998-2008 however we were not able to test every year. Please call if you want to ask about a specific year and part.
  4. Do you make custom parts, one offs or prototypes?
    *Answer- Yes, please sketch out your idea with details like measurements, tolerances, your contact info, etc. and email them to info@billetaddiction.com. We will contact you to go over possibilities.
  5. How do I become a dealer?
    *Answer- Please contact us at info@billetaddiction.com and we will reach out to discuss sign up options.
  6. My new Can-Am Bezel Speedo doesn’t fit exactly like the stock one.
    *Answer- The top of the bezel has an “M” and “S” button and when you remove the bezel you will see that it is one rubber piece. You will need to trim off the lower rubber ears so it will fit inside our aluminum bezel. Trimming the ears will not affect the performance.
  7. Are your Can-Am X3 folding whip mounts universal?
    *Answer- Yes, our Can-Am mounts are universal and can be made to mount on either the right or left side of the cage, simply by taking out the main bolt and turning the 2 Billet pieces around and re-bolting back together. This will allow the mounts to be a mirror image of each other, the whips will look the same and be at the same angle as one another.

Oil nuts and bolts prior to installation for best results in case of removal