How We Started

As anyone who has ever watched an episode of Shark Tank would say, some of the greatest inventions and businesses grew out of passion and the need to solve a problem.

So in a small home in San Jose, CA, we started designing products to help us and our friends. We loved wake boarding, but found it inconvenient to not have convenient storage in the boat for the boards. This gave birth to the wake board rack and later expanded into boat towers, speakers and clamps.

As some of our team got into utility terrain vehicles, or more commonly known as UTVs, we took our manufacturing processes and applied them to sport cages, long travel kits, bumpers and created a collection of over 250 billet items for this new industry.

When our founder’s nephew and a staff member’s father started having trouble walking, we even crafted billet wheelchair wheels and canes.

Our personal passion for our hobbies started a company that would help build products for new industries on the horizon. We machine billet products each day remembering that small apartment where we started.

“Don’t worry about people stealing your design work. Worry about the day they stop.” —Jeffrey Zeldman